HRV Gets Into It

HRV Gets Into It
March 2012

HRV is a great story of a kiwi company which has built national success from the passion and vigour of its regional franchisees. Each of the HRV teams, from Northland to Invercargill, share a common goal in creating a warmer, drier, healthier New Zealand and none more so than the HRV Canterbury South team.

Since the September quake, the HRV Canterbury South crew has made it their focus to be a positive part of the efforts to rebuild and revitalise Christchurch. The HRV philosophy is based around happy families and healthy homes and these ideals have been top of mind in all of the interactions HRV has had, and continues to have, with Canterbury communities.

The HRV franchise has itself endured a tough year and a half since the September earthquake, with almost a quarter of the team moving from Canterbury to other parts of the country. While the loss had the potential to put a dent in spirits, the HRV family responded well with the positions quickly snapped up by sales staff keen to contribute to the Christchurch rebuild and be part of something positive. The result has been a strengthening of the core leadership group and a morale boost for the rest of the team.

The effect of the quakes has also been felt through the loss of their offices in Moorhouse Ave, after the building was irreparably damaged in the September quake. The team moved three times in twelve months to finally settle in a new purpose built space in October of last year. The new offices, also in Moorhouse Ave, are located in one of the first new office buildings to be built following the quakes and demonstrate HRV’s commitment to remaining in the region and helping fellow Cantabrians through challenging times.

At the heart of HRV’s efforts in the region is the company’s focus on the importance of dry, warm, clean air in Christchurch’s homes and offices. The team is taking a leadership role to ensure that HRV systems be considered in all rebuilds, not just in old or damaged homes requiring repairs to help future proof Christchurch residences.

HRV has also sought to bring a little relief to Cantabrians through its sponsorship of the national domestic T20 cricket competition, the HRV Cup, with tickets to local games donated to locals in need of a pick-me-up.

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