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We are a family owned and operated business, and we make a unique team.

Lorraine Laban started the business back in 1985, originally producing hand-knitted mohair and aran garments. In recent years Lorraine strengthened the business by bringing the rest of the family in. While Lorraine still produces hand-knits on request, the majority of our knitwear is now manufactured by machine. Each piece is lovingly crafted; designed by Lorraine, daughter Genna or son Brent and once the fabric has been produced with oversight from husband Paul or son Brent, the garments are constructed by sister Kay.

We now specialise in producing Possum Merino knitwear as we believe that it is superior to other blends. Possum fur is softer than cashmere or mohair and its 50% warmer than Merino alone. It also has superior anti-piling qualities, it won’t wrinkle, is anti-static and the biggest bonus for today’s busy lifestyle – its machine washable.

What makes our business unique to other knitwear firms? We’re a niche business specialising in made to order garments. On top of having a wide range of styles and colours on hand, if you find something you like elsewhere then it just might be able to be replicated in your measurements & in your choice of colour.

Our motto is “Don’t settle for less than the perfect fit”.

If you’re in love with a piece of knitwear you’ve had for a number of years, and it’s starting to look like you’ve worn it that long, we can probably recreate it for you. You don’t have to give up your favourite items just because they’re ready to be given up.

We’re Christchurch based & proud to be here. The earthquakes have unfortunately pushed us out of the Arts Centre but our other retail sites are still open at 234C Main South Rd Sockburn (just before the BP Station) and
812 Main North Road Belfast.

Laban Knitwear Ltd; Proving that high-quality, fashionable knitwear is possible!

Brent Laban, Lorraine Laban, Paul Laban in their Main South Road store & factory

234C Main South Road Sockburn – (03)3485268
812 Main North Road Belfast, Christchurch - (03) 323 5066

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