TG Hairdressing Gets Into It

TG Hairdressing was established 15 years ago in a quirky little building just north of Bealey Ave, as our reputation grew so did our wonderful staff and it was time to find a bigger space!
We found the perfect run down salon in the Edgeware/Barbadoes shopping precinct and put a lot of energy into renovating the old double brick building and transforming it into a wonderful salon for our clients and staff.

Just days before opening a storm caused the ceiling to leak and the salon was flooded, we mopped up and got on with opening our spacious new salon, then 8 months later we had an electrical fire in the middle of the night that almost burned the place to the ground, we were adopted by the salon across the road and it was business as usual until the place was refurbished! By this stage we were sure we had been tested enough!
We loved the vibrant colourful neighborhood and we grew from strength to strength...

Then along came September 4th 2010 which destroyed our lovely old building and changed things forever, we had to think fast about how we would keep things going without too much interruption for our team and our clients. We moved out of our home and moved the business in, our clients love being here and it’s a great space to work from.

February was extremely difficult and we had to endure a lot of cleaning up and mucking in to rid the house and the yard of liquefaction so we could get things running again and do what we do best which is make people feel good and give them some sense of feeling normal in such a crazy time.

We never imagined that we would still be working from our home but are incredibly grateful for our options as we know so many are struggling.

It is important for us to be a part the Canterbury rebuilding process; we love the city and can’t wait to get going. We are having all the usual difficulties with the rebuilding process and of course it is incredibly frustrating and very demanding at times trying get things moving, but thanks to the amazing support of our very loyal clientele, friends and family, we know we can and we know we will!

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