We are an independent organisation informing the residents of Christchurch, impacted from the effects of the multitude of earthquakes and aftershocks since September 4th 2010.

The website offers a service where you can post images, articles, advice, stories, visions for the city, opinion pieces and more. All this information collectively with our partners will help to record the time line of how we rebuild our city, our lives and our community.

Community Empowerment via www.rebuildchristchurch.co.nz


To provide a leading one stop shop platform that both engages with users on the issues of topics in their neighbourhood and assisting them to understand and have an awareness of the situation we face together in rebuild and ongoing recovery environment.

Problems we solve:

We saw that there lacked a good place to keep track of everything happening related to the earthquake; from news coverage to events to photography. We try to collect all of the news, events, topics and Government dealings that have happened recently in the city, and make it simple to keep track of news in particular suburban areas.

We noticed it was difficult to post messages to a wide audience. Facebook lets you post messages to your friends, Twitter lets you post messages to your followers, but no well-used service that let you post a message to people in a given suburb or wider city area.


What www.rebuildchristchurch.co.nz provides:

News updates

          We partner with media agencies, government departments, local councils, businesses, NGO groups and people to post information relating to the Earthquake recovery and the city rebuild.

Infrastructure Updates

          Working alongside SCIRT we share the infrastructure notices as they are released and import these into the suburban areas where you live.

Business Directory

          We allow businesses to create a business listing within the Rebuild Christchurch site and post updates about what their business is doing.

Networks Directory

          Any organisation that is involved in supporting people in the rebuild are able to build a network page and post updates to this section. This can be used as a web page for your organisation.


          If you are looking for a job within the rebuild keep an eye on the job section. This section will expand to more jobs in time.

Your Story

          In this section people share their stories in an attempt to help people learn from other peoples experiences.

Residential Section

          All of the information that comes onto the website is categories and filtered into the area of the city it is relevant. In this section information is mapped. Within this section you can also share your vision for the suburb or area.


Why do we provide this:

Information helps understanding. In many cases the information in areas of the website is already on the Web but is buried in hard-to-find government databases or other websites that are not easy to find or popular. In some, this information has never been posted online. 

We have developed and will continue to develop relationships with government and other agencies to make it readily and reliably available here.

If you have questions please email us by using the contact us page. We are interested in working with any community group to help spread the word and keep everyone up to date and informed.

Thank you

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