CERA Geotechnical information summaries

These documents contain all the area-wide geotechnical information which was considered by CERA as part of the process for making flat-land zoning decisions, and the subsequent zoning review.



Aranui  (PDF 1.28MB)    
Appendix A (6.33MB) Appendix C (1.72MB) Appendix E (1.33MB)
Appendix B (17.2MB) Appendix D (2.02MB) Appendix F (9.75MB)


Avondale (PDF1.28MB)    
Appendix A (1.28MB) Appendix B (18.6MB) Appendix C (1.55MB)


Hillsborough  (PDF 1.25MB)    
Appendix A (5.45MB) Appendix B (12.8MB) Appendix C (1.47MB)


Hoon Hay  (PDF 1.26MB)    
Appendix A (6.24MB) Appendix C (2.22MB) Appendix E (1.45MB)
Appendix B (14.8MB) Appendix D (3.05MB) Appendix F (1.44MB)


North New Brighton 
(PDF 1.25MB)
Appendix A (5.66MB) Appendix B (11.2MB) Appendix C (2.42MB)


Opawa (PDF 291KB)    
Appendix A (6MB) Appendix C (1MB) Appendix E (643KB)
Appendix B (13MB) Appendix D (2MB) Appendix F (4MB)


Papanui (PDF 289KB)    
Appendix A (6MB) Appendix C (949KB) Appendix E (295KB)
Appendix B (11MB) Appendix D (930KB) Appendix F (3MB)


Somerfield (PDF 1.27MB)    
Appendix A (7.12MB) Appendix C (2.2MB) Appendix E (1.46MB)
Appendix B (15.8MB) Appendix D (2.65MB) Appendix F (1.69MB)


Spreydon (PDF 290KB)    
Appendix A (6MB) Appendix C (1MB) Appendix E (295KB)
Appendix B (12MB) Appendix D (2MB) Appendix F (3MB)




Sydenham (PDF 1.25MB)    
Appendix A (4.55MB) Appendix B (13.1) Appendix C (4.42MB)


NOTE: These reports were completed prior to the 22 February 2011 earthquake and are no longer current. They are included for reference only.

Avondale Kaiapoi North
Avonside Kaiapoi South
Bexley & Aranui Kairaki & Pines Beach
Bishopdale, Casebrook & Redwood New Brighton
Brooklands Parklands
Burwood Richmond
Dallington Lower Southshore
Dallington Upper Spencerville
Fendalton & Merivale Tai Tapu
Halswell Wainoni



This research material and advice from GNS Science provides a detailed account of the characteristics and severity of the recent Canterbury earthquakes and the implications of these events for Christchurch and other centres in New Zealand. 

Owing to its large size, the report has been broken into the following segments: 

1. Contents, Executive Summary, Introduction, Background (.PDF) 1.5mb

2. The Canterbury Earthquakes (.PDF) 1.7mb

3. Implications for Christchurch (.PDF) 908kb

4. National Implications, Conclusions, Acknowledgements, References, Appendices 1-5 (.PDF) 2.7mbAs the government tries to remedy the effects of Septembers 7.1 Earthquake a series of Geotechnical reports are being published.

Use the links below to download the relevant report that you require.

Land damage and geotechnical maps

For land damage and geotechnical information specific to the Waimakariri District Council and Christchurch City Council areas click on the links below. This geotechnical information was released to the public on 19 July 2011. It is NOT the latest data which will be used to make the final decisions on rezoning.

Kaiapoi and Pines Beach

Maps showing the affected Waimakariri District, Kaiapoi Ward areas as at 18 August 2011.
Maps are colour A3 PDFs.

Kaiapoi - 18/8/2011

Port Hills

Map showing the affected Port Hills areas as at 5 September 2011. 
The map is a colour A3 PDF.


These are the first of the 20 interpretative reports for those suburbs most affected by land damage from the 4 September 2010 earthquake in Canterbury. The factual and interpretative reports summarise the ground testing work which has been undertaken in the suburbs


STAGE 2 REPORTSup to date list found here.