Starting in March 2013 the Rebuild Christchurch Foundation Team have been working on a campaign to help support the people and community in the recovery by them being able to actively campaign with strong support for funding. We have decided to make this public after gaining no further support to move the idea further and after other organisations have now started to fill this space. 

Below is a breakdown of what we were trying to do:



Kickstart Christchurch is an interactive and collaborative fundraising platform to support grassroots Christchurch organisations and people. Designed to tap into the national and international market to fundraise and support their operational and project requirements in the next 3 – 5 years. This will continue to support the social rebuild of Christchurch.



The Rebuild Christchurch Foundation was set up to provide support and delivery of services to community, residents, Tangata Whenua and educational facilities within the Canterbury District. We achieve that by the promotion and co-ordination of volunteer programmes, the provision of communication, information, advice, guidance and funding to assist in the improvement of, and access to, services, governance, management and administration of the said groups and organisations in the Canterbury District.

At a recent strategic planning weekend we identified that we had actively progressed with most of the above charitable outcomes and that through our trust deed the foundation was directed to undertake activities to provide assistance by way of more financial assistance/support of a charitable nature.

Christchurch is entering the rebuild phase. With this there will be less central focus on funding for community groups but the social need will still continue to be high. In the rebuild phase we already are seeing an increase in rules and more processes as the physical environment is built up. Business and the Government processes and plans are being executed but there is still a gap in the social rebuild area. From the third year after a major disaster people struggle and can find it more difficult to move forward.

There are organisations, projects and people who are making a huge difference in the social rebuild but struggle to fund their operations. This is the gap in the funding market. The large funds are set to deliver legacy projects. The foundations such as Todd and Tindal offer larger financial support to charities and organisations that don’t have ‘advocacy’ or ‘staffing’ as part of their funding objective

Currently the gap is for the specific operational, personnel and small project funding and it is through Kickstart Christchurch that we want to support these entities, the people in them and the projects they do so that we can ensure the rebuild of our communities is as strong as the physical rebuild.

From our operation we have found people still want to donate money to Christchurch. As time moves on we are being asked more and more how people can donate to the community directly and through Kickstart Christchurch we will solve this issue. By engaging with the ‘Rebuild Christchurch Foundation’ through a positive campaign we will engage people in the long term who want to support our recovery and get the most out of the fundraising opportunities nationally and globally longer term for Christchurch.



The base of the campaign will be interactive website where donors have the ability choose which organisation they wish to support. Organisations and people will work with Rebuild Christchurch Foundation to build a profile on the website to show their needs.

The concept is similar to a crowd funding campaign or the Z “Good in the Hood” campaign but will specifically related to Christchurch and the social recovery type organisations.

The two ways a donor can donate:

1.    Direct support to grass roots organisations/people

a.    Operational costs

b.    Specific projects

c.    People costs

2.    General Fund to Rebuild Christchurch Foundation. This is where we will work with the person/organisation donating to potentially distribute larger donations to a wide range of projects that are seeking support.

In addition the logo and branding will be licenced to enable businesses to use it on marketing materials or products to show they are supporting the campaign and Christchurch. This can be by direct donations or as a % of sales to the campaign. (We two companies on board with this.) 

We will also engage our sister cities to engage in grass roots fundraising in those locations through events and merchandise.  



Various Christchurch earthquake and rebuild community organisations and people:

Examples as follows:

·         CanCERN

·         Avon Otakaro Network team

·         Addington Action

·         Gap Filler

·         Greening the Rubble

·         Residents Associations for recovery works

·         Student Volunteer Army Foundation

·         Habitat For Humanity

·         Art Box

·         Insurance Watch

·         Empowered Christchurch

·         Peterborough Project

·         River of Life

·         New Brighton Project

·         Renew Brighton

·         Eastern Vision

·         Ministry of Awesome

·         TC3 residents groups

·         WeCAN

This list will grow when we start to seek and promote this campaign.



Launch January 2014 for full operation second quarter of 2014.

We expect to run the campaign for 3 years winding up at the end of 2016.


Human Resources

1 FTE to administer and manage the campaign.

Potential Branding: