Our Vision

To be the best independent information source for residents, NGO's, Businesses and Government through the rebuild of Christchurch to provide hope to the rebuild of Christchurch. 


Our Mission

To deliver independent and unbiased communications that are effective in assisting and supporting efficient sharing of information from Christchurch residents and businesses, and the official agencies responsible for the rebuilding of Christchurch in order to further bring the communities together as we rebuild our future. 


Our Objectives

  • Share accurate information regarding the earthquake recovery process with communities including Residents, NGO's, Business and Government.
  • To identify and work towards implementing community based solutions and future vision for the Rebuild of Christchurch.
  • Maintain engagement partnerships with key decision-makers in the earthquake recovery process
  • To provide timely information that affects communities in the Rebuild of Christchurch.
  • Work toward promoting transparent communication and engagement processes that are inclusive to every sector of our community. 
  • Aim to support communities with their immediate needs but also focus on the longer term strategic direction of community rebuilding