Rebuild Christchurch website is the longest running Earthquake related One-Stop-Shop information website which supports Christchurch by collecting and distributing information on government, business and not for profits.

The New Site:   What’s New, What’s Different?

The new site includes many new features and ways to navigate around the articles. This guide will hopefully assist you with the changes.

If there is anything we can do to improve your user experience, please email us at



The navigation on the site has changed from where you used to see all the main pages at the top such as residential, business, news and networks. These are now all in a drop down menu under sections. Each has a navigation symbol which you will see more throughout the site.

All the information about us including the team, our story, project partners, how you can support us and other useful links is in the About Usdrop down.  This is to help make the site easier to get around and make it less cluttered.

In the grey area you will see the name of the section you are visiting on the left and your login or logoff details on the right in the blue button. The dark grey button or the highlighted word will link you back to the home page for that section.

Home Page:

The home page currently captures the latest news and information from all the different sources relevant to the Christchurch rebuild and recovery. We have changed the way you find this by using a box where you can select the group providing the information. Once clicked you see the latest from that group.

To view all items in this section scroll to the bottom of the page to view more.

On the right we have introduced three tabs which will show popularrecommended and featured content.


Register and Login:

This is still the same process. The sign up and login buttons are now at the top right of the site. You will then have a section called yourRebuild to add sections to the site.

Residential Section:

We have introduced our first map. Our information is all tagged in the back end to a suburb where it is appropriate. Not all information is connected to a suburb. On the map go to a pin which signifies a suburb, click the pin and it will show you information on this suburb. The box that pops up will show how many infrastructure works and news items are in this suburb and also the EQR hub it belongs to. From this you can click through to the suburb itself.

On the right hand side there is a list of suburbs in alphabetical order, on which you click to go through to the page for that suburb.

The suburbs individual pages have also changed. The tabs in the suburbs will be about, works noticeshub info and photos. The aboutsection is about the damage this suburb has sustained through each earthquake and the recovery its experiencing. We do need your help to update this further. The photos will be user uploaded.

The works notices in the suburbs is a new feature to which will show the infrastructure projects in the suburbs, specifically right down to those which are active and those which are due to start. Please go to the infrastructure section info for more.

On the right hand side of the suburbs page you’ll find the latest news that has been tagged and relevant to this suburb.

Infrastructure Section:  

We partner to gather the information from the Infrastructure Rebuild Alliance teams and bring it into one place in the website. On the infrastructure home page there are two main features. The works notices and news & articles items. The news and articles come from SCIRT and are bought here into one place for ease of the user. These are simply latest and featured.

The works notices are broken into four other tabs. LatestStarting SoonDue to Finish and Featured. These are self explanatory. In Latest as you scroll down, jobs are shown in order of the start dates. At the end you can click to view all the works which will take you to a separate page to search through them all.

The works notices here are not suburb specific, however suburbs are in the headings and if you want to view all works in a suburb you need to visit that suburb in the residential section.

The works notices are further tagged with three coloured boxes. These are, active (green) complete (orange) and pending completion (grey). “Pending completion” means that the project has run past its projected finishing date and we have not had official notice from the project manager of it finishing.

Business Section:

This section is largely unchanged. The business section shows businesses in categories. On the section home page you can click to the section you are interested in and you can view the business you wish to see. As a business owner if you are registered with the site you can add your business by clicking the register up the top in the blue.

On the right side of the business section home page we have the latest updates from businesses that are engaging with the site.

Network Section:

This has been revamped so that your network can show your activity to the site and your Twitter feed. We will be further developing this over time so you can load your own networks into the site but at the moment you will need to contact us to load it in for you.

We have categorised the networks into Government, Blogs, Residents’ Associations and Not for Profits (NGO’s).

On the profile page you will notice two tabs. Latest News and About. Some networks haven’t linked up their news articles to the Rebuild Christchurch Website so they will not show here. And others will have all their information here. If you click the About Information you will be shown the information about the network.

On the right hand side you can click links to their Website, Facebook and Twitter pages if they have them.

Eastern Vision

The aim of this service is to enable residents to share their vision for the east of Christchurch.

Every contribution will be entered into a central database and the results analysed and published online in the Eastern Vision section and in the suburb you choose. This is an open database and there will be free access to the raw data and analyses, and we will be working with the recovery authorities such as CERA and the CCC to show what people are seeking in their own communities. You can add as many as you wish.

Your Story

Help others from your experience. You do not need to register to the site to add a story.

All of us have had many different experiences, some good, some not so good, some easily solvable and others have been a challenge and many may not be over yet as we navigate the recovery processes.

By sharing your stories of issues, challenges, resilience and lessons learned, you may just help someone who is going through similar experiences, let’s all help one another to "get through".

Our rebuild is more than roads and buildings, it is also about people.


Rebuild Christchurch helps users of the Rebuild Christchurch website to find employment opportunities in the rebuild. 

Partnered with Tradestaff who are locally owned and located in the central city so have a unique understanding of the issues facing the city during the rebuild.

Jobs are updated weekly and presented throughout the website. To go directly to the Rebuild Christchurch Jobs Board visit