Finishing the SCIRT Programme

SCIRT crews are back on the job again in 2017, working hard to finish off the final projects in the programme over the next few months.

We’ve finished construction of 98% of more than 700 projects in the SCIRT programme, and we’re aiming to complete construction on the remaining 2% in the next few months.

But the work doesn’t end there.

Once construction is completed, and the crews have packed up, projects go through a handover phase when detailed specifications and drawings are prepared of the final built asset showing what and where everything is. This is done progressively, as projects are finished.

This vital paperwork is part of the handover process of the project to the asset owners, Christchurch City Council. It is the reference bible for any future enhancements, maintenance or changes by the asset owners, if needed down the track.

With much of SCIRT’s work buried underground, this is particularly important.

SCIRT expects to provide more than 13,500 handover drawings, each meticulously checked against the actual finished project. Sometimes things can change or be adapted in the course of construction when underground conditions become fully known.

Rather than old-style paper versions, the drawings are provided online in digital, interactive form, so that any future designer can load them up and make changes to them, saving time and cost for later work.

Completing the paperwork behind the scenes ensures those working on the maintenance of the city’s vital assets in the future can proceed with confidence, knowing they have an accurate picture of what they are working with and how it operates.

Published: 31 January 2017