Heathcote Street, St Johns Street and Cob Crescent - Wastewater quality checks

Works Begin 03 Feb 2017 Works End
Works Status

What: CCTV  video inspections and line jetting

When: Friday 3 February 2017 for one night


What we are doing


  • The City Care SCIRT team is returning to Heathcote Street, St Johns Street and Cob Crescent to complete quality checks of the wastewater main.
  • On Friday 3 February 2017 we will be using CCTV to check the wastewater main at the intersection of Cob Crescent and Clydesdale Street, near number 9 and 592 Heathcote Street and near 71 St Johns Street.
  • We need to do this work at night when wastewater levels are low.
  • We understand night work can be disruptive for residents so we will complete the work as quickly as we can.


Traffic impacts 

  • On street parking will be affected near the work area. Cones will show where parking is not available.
  • Two way traffic will be maintained. There may be turning restrictions in place at times. Please follow on site traffic signage.
  • We will be working from the manholes in the middle of the road.


Start date: 
Fri, 03/02/2017
Project numbers: 
City Care [2]