Waimea Terrace, Cashmere, wastewater network repairs

Works Begin 10 Feb 2017 Works End
Works Status

What: Repair to the wastewater main pipe

Where: Waimea Terrace outside 15 Waimea Terrace

When: From as early as 10 February 2017 for about 5 days


What we are doing 

As early as  Friday 10 February 2016 McConnell Dowell, as part of  SCIRT, will be repairing a section of the wastewater main pipe outside
15 Waimea Terrace. 

Please note a section of Waimea Terrace will be closed where we are working.

This work will take about  five days to complete.


How this may impact you

To do this work we will need to close Waimea Terrace, where we are working outside 15 Waimea Terrace (see map).

Motorists will be detoured around the surrounding streets. Please follow on-site signage and drive to the conditions. Access will be maintained for pedestrians and cyclists.

Access to properties will be maintained where we are working.

Due to hi ground water levels we will need to do some over pumping in order to keep the trench safe for our crew to work in. This pump will need to run though the night and there will be increased noise associated with it.


Start date: 
Fri, 10/02/2017
Project numbers: