Hereford Street, Central City. Wastewater repairs

Works Begin 01 Mar 2017 Works End
Works Status

What: Wastewater repairs

Where: Hereford Street, between Latimer Square and Barbadoes Street

When: Wednesday 1 March 2017 for one night


What we are doing

  • City Care, as part of SCIRT, is installing three lateral junctions in the wastewater pipe in Hereford Street, between Latimer Square and Barbadoes Street.
  • This pipe lining work is a trenchless method, working out of the manholes in the middle of the road.
  • We need to work at night when wastewater flow is at its lowest and because of traffic management required at the intersections. 
  • We will be working between 7pm and 6am on Wednesday 1 March. We expect that this work will take about five hours.
  • There will be no street parking available near our work areas. Cones will be in place.

Start date: 
Wed, 01/03/2017
Project numbers: 
City Care [2]