Kings Park, Mount Pleasant. Storm water repairs.

Works Begin 28 Feb 2017 Works End
Works Status

What: Replacing a section of the storm water mainline.

Where: Kings Park, Mount Pleasant.

When: Starting Tuesday 28 February 2017, for about two weeks.


What we are doing

  • Downer, as a part of SCIRT, is repairing the earthquake damaged roads, storm water and wastewater systems in Mt Pleasant.
  • Starting Tuesday 28 February 2017, we will be replacing a 90m section of storm water pipe in Kings Park
  • This work will take about two weeks to complete, subject to favorable on-site and weather conditions.
  • This work will involve digging a trench to remove the sections of damaged pipe and then replacing it with a new piece.
  • As the trench gradually progresses we will backfill and reinstate the surface of the ground.



Work impacts

  • You may experience increased levels of noise, dust and vibrations associated with this work.
  • Traffic flow will be managed by Marais Laying who are currently working in Rangatira Terrace.
  • Please follow on-street signage and drive to the changed conditions.


Update - Kings Park site office

  • We are pleased to inform you that following these storm water repairs we will begin decommissioning the site office in Kings Park over the coming weeks.
  • This location has been ideal for numerous rebuild projects in Mount Pleasant and surrounding areas. Given the busy environment you may have noticed an increased level of traffic, dust, and noise in the area. We understand this has been particularly challenging for nearby residents.
  • Downer on behalf of SCIRT (Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team) would like to take this opportunity to thank the Mount Pleasant community, especially residents of Rangatira Terrace, Quarry Road and The Braefor their patience, support and cooperation over the last few years.



Start date: 
Tue, 28/02/2017
Project numbers: 
Downer [2]