*Update* Bower Avenue and Beach Road,Parklands - Manhole maintenance

Works Begin 13 Mar 2017 Works End
Works Status

Dear resident

This notice is to inform you that Stage 1 manhole maintenance work has started in Parklands between 438 and 134 Bower Avenue. This work is scheduled to continue until 10 March 2017. Stage 2 of this work is scheduled between 58 and 144 Beach Road beginning on 13th March 2017 for one week.



Traffic Impacts

  • Two-way traffic will be maintained during this work, by way of a median closure. Please look out for changes to our signage
  • Parking on the street will not be available immediately next to the work area. No parking cones will be in place to show this.
  • Resident access will be maintained where possible. Your driveway access may be restricted for a brief period of time.
  • We will let you know when your driveway will be closed by leaving a note in your letterbox the day before.


Start date: 
Mon, 13/03/2017
Project numbers: