Torlesse Street - Dallington - ground investigations

Works Begin 14 May 2012 Works End 18 May 2012
Works Status Complete
We are investigating the ground conditions outside number 31 Torlesse Street to help determine the foundation requirements for a new pump station. We aim to commence the investigation work on Monday 14 May for approximately four days*.

Sourced from LINZ data, Crown Copyright reserved.

• As a result of the earthquakes, it has become necessary to install a number of additional pump stations across the city to ensure the wastewater network is more resilient and functioning correctly.
• The location (shown by the red dot in the above plan) has been identified as a suitable location for a pump station.
• The entire pump station will sit below ground and the only above ground visible features will be the steel access covers and a control cabinet containing the electrical equipment.
• The first part of this project involves some investigation of the existing ground conditions to determine the foundation requirements for the new pump station. This will involve a truck with specialised drilling and ground testing equipment.
• Construction of the pump station is likely to be a number of months away at this stage as there is a lot of design detail that needs to be completed before the actual construction work can commence. We anticipate this investigation work will start Monday 14 May 2012.  We will be working Monday to Friday between the hours of 7.00am to 5.00pm. On rare occasions we may have to work weekends to complete essential work.
• The work may result in increased dust, noise and vibration.
• Safety is our number one priority.  Safety is your responsibility too.  
• Stay clear and stay alert – keep children and pets at a safe distance.
• We will endeavour to keep any disruption to a minimum. We apologise for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we do this work.
• For information about the work in this notice, phone Downer on 0800 400 310 (8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday)  

Worknotice Status: 
Start date: 
Mon, 14/05/2012
End date: 
Fri, 18/05/2012