Landy Street and Lovelock Street - Dallington - Wastewater main and lateral repairs

Works Begin 01 Oct 2012 Works End
Works Status Active
We will be starting new wastewater repairs to Landy Street, Dallington. This work is due to start on the 1 October 2012. Landy Street will be reduced to one lane during this period. Work on Lovelock Street, Dallington is continuing as we install the lift station and new pipes.

What we are doing

  • We will be digging a trench along the affected streets (see above map). The trench will be dug where the current wastewater main is located in the street, allowing access to the pipe.
  • As we replace each section of main pipe we will also be replacing the public section of the wastewater lateral. Laterals are the pipes which take wastewater from the house to the wastewater main in the street. The public section of the lateral is the section of pipe between the wastewater main and the property boundary as shown on the right.
  • Connection of a public lateral to the private lateral is normally at the property boundary. If this connection is located within the property boundary, then the owner’s permission to enter and work on the property will be sought prior to work beginning. No work will be carried out on private laterals.

How our work could impact you –

Traffic impacts:

Landy Street
  • Work will begin at 39 Landy Street (Lovelock Street intersection) and move east towards 20 Landy Street (Halberg Street intersection near Locksley Avenue).
  • Landy street will be reduced to one lane, with traffic flow heading east towards 20 Landy Street intersection.
  • Sections of the footpath will be closed to allow for work to be carried out. Alternative footpaths will remain open to maintain pedestrian access.
  • Due to the narrowness of Landy Street there will be no on-street parking available where the one way system is in place.
Lovelock Street
  • Work is continuing on the lift station within the cul-de-sac of Lovelock Street and on the wastewater main and laterals. Work is expected to be completed by mid-October 2012. When Lovelock Street is completed the crew will work between the Lovelock Street intersection to 43 Landy Street.
  • Access to your driveway:
  • Due to the works on both Lovelock Street and Landy Street, driveway access may be restricted at times. We will notify residents prior to this when their access will be blocked. We will also give a time frame for how long access will be blocked for. Please note pedestrian access will be maintained if driveway access is blocked.
  • Please contact us if you have any specific access requirements that we need to consider e.g. Nurse Maude, Meals on Wheels or other planned works on your property.

General impacts:

  • This work will take place during the hours of 7:00 am-5.30 pm, Monday to Friday and it may be necessary for some weekend work to take place to complete this essential work.
  • The work will result in some noise and dust if there are dry weather conditions. The work will not impact on current power, wastewater or gas services, however we may need to request that residents restrict their wastewater use for a short period while we are connecting their lateral to the wastewater main.
  • Please have rubbish bins outside your property before 5.00pm the day before collection. As a result of the road repair, our work crew will need to move the bins to a new location for collection. Bins will be returned to each property by the end of the following day. Please clearly label all bins with your property address.
  • All works are subject to favourable weather and on-site conditions.
  • During the period of construction we ask that you observe special cordons around construction areas for you and your family’s safety.

Need more information?

If you have any questions, or for any other information about this work, please contact the McConnell Dowell Infrastructure Rebuild Team on 0508 718 719 between the hours of 8:30 am and 5:00 pm Monday to Friday and we will be happy to help you. Any emergency calls outside these hours will be diverted to a Site Engineer.
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Mon, 01/10/2012
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