Wastewater rebuild – Shirley/Dallington Catchment

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Wastewater rebuild – Shirley/Dallington Catchment

  • Wastewater is generated by homes and businesses from toilets, sinks, laundries and bathrooms etc. The wastewater network collects and conveys the wastewater to the Christchurch Wastewater Treatment Plant in Bromley. The wastewater network is separate from the stormwater network, which collects rainfall from roofs, rainwater drains, and gutters.
  • Before the earthquakes, Christchurch’s wastewater network relied on a gravity wastewater system. Gravity wastewater pipelines are laid at a gradient to make the wastewater flow downhill.
  • In the Shirley/Dallington area (Pump Station 25 catchment, see map below) the existing gravity wastewater system suffered significant damage from the earthquakes. The pipes were damaged to a point where replacement of the entire system is required.
  • Each area of the city is unique, and the best solution for the wastewater system varies from location to location. For the Shirley/Dallington area the vacuum wastewater system is the best method for managing wastewater because it will have greater resilience in case of future earthquake activity, it can be more easily repaired than the current gravity system, and is cost effective for a large area.
  • A vacuum wastewater system uses air pressure (a vacuum), rather than gravity, to transport wastewater through the pipes from collection chambers in the road berm to the vacuum pump station.  From the pump station the wastewater is pumped to the treatment plant in Bromley.  
  • The vacuum wastewater system requires a new vacuum pump station. This will be in the same location as the existing gravity pump station on the corner of New Brighton Road and Golf Links Road.
  • SCIRT will be installing the new vacuum wastewater system and pump station for this area. Around 700 households will be part of the vacuum wastewater system in the Shirley/ Dallington catchment.

Construction and timeframes

  • Construction will be carried out street by street across the catchment. Work is proposed to commence in the first streets (Horseshoe Lake Road and Cresswell Avenue) in November 2012. The time the work takes within each street will depend on a number of factors, including ground conditions, the construction methods required, the number of pipe connections, and the length of the street.
  • Residents will be sent a start work notice prior to work commencing in their street.  This start work notice will outline the proposed works, the traffic management, and the timeframe for the works.

Have your say

  • Construction of the new pump station creates the opportunity for a new public space on the corner of New Brighton Road and Golf Links Road. This space will include a public square, planted gardens, a raised lawn area and trees.  
  • SCIRT are seeking feedback on the planting, seating areas, and open space features on the pump station site. To have your say simply complete the feedback form on the last page of the information flier (included here as a downloadable pdf) and freepost it to us by folding the envelope on the back as per the instructions. Please have your feedback to us by 17 November 2012. Alternatively you can scan the completed form and email it to christchurch.comms@macdow.co.nz.

Want to know more?

Information displays about the project at The Palms shopping mall (ground floor by Kmart) for viewing until mid-November 2012.  From mid-November the display will be located by the Golf Links Road entry to the mall.

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Thu, 01/11/2012
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