Gayhurst Road - Dallington - Bridge reconstruction - Overview

Works Begin 28 Apr 2014 Works End 04 Jul 2015
Works Status Pending Completion

Possibly affected streets: Gayhurst Road, Gloucester Street, Avonside Drive, Locksley Avenue.

What we are doing

The Gayhurst Road Bridge suffered irreparable damage in the February 2011 earthquake and needs to be demolished and rebuilt. This work is scheduled to begin late April, once repairs on the Avondale Bridge are complete, and is expected to take about 14 months.

How this work will impact you

Prior to closing the bridge and starting demolition, we will construct a temporary footbridge to maintain access for pedestrians and cyclists. This will take approximately two to three weeks to complete. The location for the footbridge is yet to be finalised, we will update you once confirmed.

Once the footbridge is installed, a 150 tonne crane will assist with deconstructing the bridge. The centre of the bridge will be deconstructed first, then the northern side and the southern side last.

Traffic impacts

To do this work, we will need to close both approaches to the bridge. Detour routes will be clearly signposted. We will notify you of these closer to the time.

River users

Access along the Avon River, near the bridge, will be closed for the duration of this project. We will use a range of measures to protect the river including using biodegradable oil in our machinery when working in the riverbed, and a silt curtain to contain silt disturbed by our works.

Residents near the work area

Access to residential properties and nearby businesses will be maintained, where possible, during our work.

Where we are working

Location of works. Sourced from LINZ data, Crown Copyright reserved. Depot (dark blue): on land adjacent to the east side of Gayhurst Road (between Locksley Avenue and Rupert Place); Gayhurst Road Bridge (purple): crossing the river between Gayhurst Road (at Locksley Avenue/Dallington Terrace) and Gloucester Street (at Retreat Road); Road closure: Gayhurst Road (at Dallington Terrace/Locksley Avenue) and Gloucester Street (at Retreat Road).

During this and other rebuild work we encourage you to help keep Christchurch moving by

  • Allowing extra time for your journey to account for temporary speed reductions.
  • Ride share with others.
  • Combine activities in one trip and walk or cycle for shorter trips.
  • Use the bus. Visit [1] or phone 366 88 55 for more information.
  • Find the quickest and safest routes around Christchurch at [2]

Go the extra mile for businesses affected by rebuild roadworks.

General information

  • Our standard work hours are Monday to Saturday, 7am to 6pm.
  • There will be increased noise, dust and vibration levels associated with this work.
  • Please contact McConnell Dowell on 0508 718 719 if you have any specific access requirements that we need to consider e.g. Nurse/doctors visits, Meals on Wheels, or planned works on your property.
  • Works will have no planned impact on current power, telecommunications, water or gas services. However, the network is still fragile so please be prepared in case there is an unexpected outage.
  • All our works are subject to favourable weather and on-site conditions.
  • Safety is our number one priority. Safety is your priority too. Stay clear and stay alert—keep children and pets a safe distance from the work site.
  • As part of this work we will be working close to trees. To avoid damaging trees we will consult with a CCC arborist. If we need to remove a tree, we will work closely with the CCC to meet any removal and replacement requirements.

Looking back… the history of the Gayhurst Road Bridge

Two photos. 1880s: The Dallington Bridge was the predecessor of the Gayhurst Road Bridge. Built in the 1880s, it spanned the Avon River connecting Gloucester Street to Gayhurst Road. It was demolished in 1953. Image source: Kete Christchurch; 1954: The Gayhurst Road Bridge was built.

We will keep in touch

We will update you throughout the course of the project.

This will include one-on-one meetings with directly affected businesses and residents, signage and start work notices/update notices.

If you would like to sign up to receive email updates about this project, please email 'Gayhurst Road Bridge' to:

We apologise for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we do this essential work.


Call McConnell Dowell Infrastructure Rebuild Team on freephone 0508 718 719 between 8:30am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Emergency calls will be diverted outside these hours. Alternatively, you can email us at: [4]

Start date: 
Mon, 28/04/2014
End date: 
Sat, 04/07/2015
Project numbers: