Time lapse video Fulton Hogan crew sorting railway line pipe ahead of train arrival

Digging up a road is business as usual nowadays in Christchurch, but replacing pipe underneath a railway line is still a special occasion and requires fairly precise planning. After all, those trains have to run on time and on schedule. SCIRT’s Fulton Hogan crew working on the Addington wastewater repair job had to finish their work with a dig off Detroit Place. Before this final repair work could even begin, a section of railway line had to be carefully separated and removed from the tracks. 
The workers were on a tight timeframe as the work had to be complete and the railway safely back in place before the next train was scheduled to come through at 5:30 pm. No pressure then.
The traffic management on Detroit Place and the machinery were set up on a Friday to get ready for a speedy start Sunday morning. The fence was then removed and the tracks were taken away from the line. After the work was completed, Fulton Hogan’s very skilful digger driver in collaboration with KiwiRail placed the tracks carefully back ready for the trains to resume servicing the city’s and region’s transport needs.
Pipelining work is now underway in the Addington area: be on the lookout for changing traffic management as sites move around the area. 
Published: 26 November 2014