Moorhouse Avenue - Central city - Overbridge - Earthquake Repair

Works Begin 09 Feb 2015 Works End 21 Oct 2016
Works Status Pending Completion

The Moorhouse Avenue Overbridge was damaged in the February 2011 earthquake. The overbridge was re-opened to traffic in April 2011 after temporary works were completed.

What we are doing

  • Downer as part of SCIRT will be permanently repairing the overbridge to restore its structural integrity.
  • The existing steel supports installed after the earthquake are only temporary.
  • The work site and site office will be set-up the week beginning Monday 9 February 2015.
  • Work is expected to start Monday 16 February 2015 and will take about twenty months to finish, subject to weather and on-site conditions.
  • Repairing the ten concrete piers under the bridge.
  • Eight piers will have additional concrete strengthening—concrete jackets (see image 1).
  • Two piers will be demolished and rebuilt.
  • Strengthening the abutments.
  • Repairing the bridge joints.
  • Demolishing and reinstating the abutment kerbs.

New concrete jacket (depicted as red border):
Image 1. New concrete jacket surrounds existing column.
Image 1: New concrete around column.

Image 2: Diagram of the bridge structure. Carriageway supported by piers, with abutments below each end of the carriageway.

Photograph of temporary repair work, showing framing supporting the bridge from underneath.
Temporary repair work completed after the February 2011 earthquake.

Photograph of under the overbridge showing a concrete pillar with cracks and its reinforcing showing.
Earthquake damage under the overbridge.
Photograph of pillar with reinforcing visible.

Moorhouse Avenue businesses will be open as normal

We all know road works are challenging for businesses, residents and road users, but they are necessary to repair our earthquake damaged infrastructure. You can help with the rebuild by going the extra mile to support local businesses.

Construction Impacts

The repair of the concrete piers will be done using hydroblasting, which may result in increased levels of noise and dust. Methods to reduce these impacts will be put in place where possible. These include:

  • Echo-barriers will be used to dampen the noise from hydroblasting (see image 3).
  • Each pier will be encapsulated to contain the noise, dust, and water. We will be working on one pier at a time. The echo-barriers will surround the four sides of the pier to contain the noise, dust and water.
  • Water run-off will be collected and removed from site.

Image 3: Illustration of hydroblasting a pier with barriers in place. Two echo barriers depicted vertically with the pillar between them. A worker is depicted on a platform between one of the echo barriers and the pillar.

Map 1. Reduced slip lane (red): centre of the northern and centre of the southern sides of Moorhouse Avenue (adjacent to Colombo Street); Direction of traffic (yellow arrows): eastwards along the northern side of Colombo Street (from Durham Street South to Colombo Street, and from Colombo Street to Manchester Street [adjacent to PaknSave]), and westwards along the southern side of Moorhouse Avenue (from Manchester Street to Colombo Street, and from Colombo Street to Durham Street South [adjacent to Harvey Norman]); No parking under bridge. No parking: southern and northern sides of Moorhouse Avenue (adjacent to Colombo Street).
Map 1: Location of work and traffic management set up for slip lanes. Sourced from LINZ data, Crown Copyright reserved.

Traffic Impacts

  • The Moorhouse overbridge will remain open during this work.
  • For the majority of the work the traffic management set up will be as shown in Map 1.
  • The slip lanes along the side of the bridge will be reduced and there will be no on-street parking.
  • Access will remain as normal to all businesses.
  • At times there will be changes to the traffic management including lane reductions, lane closures, and detours. Send us your details for all updates.
  • Each slip lane will be closed at night at separate times to carry out work. VMS boards will be used to notify road users of upcoming changes of closures and detours.
  • When detours are in place—please follow the on-site signage.
  • There will be no parking under the overbridge.
  • The U-turn lanes under the bridge will be closed at a later date.
  • Two-way traffic will be maintained on Colombo Street.
  • Pedestrian access will be maintained under the overbridge—please be aware crossing locations may change.
  • There will be speed restrictions in place around the work site—please drive carefully for your own safety and the safety of our staff on site.

Help us keep you updated

To receive updates on our work on the overbridge, please email with the subject line "Moorhouse Overbridge" [1].
Please provide the following information in your email: Name, address, business name if applicable and contact details.

Site office set-up

  • Downer will set up a site office at the end of Pilgrim Place.
  • The site office provides for the health and well-being of the workers.
  • The site office will be used as a place to have lunch, morning and afternoon tea, meetings, and store paper work. It will also provide the site engineers with a space to work that is close to their work site.

Map 2: Location of site office. Sourced from LINZ data, Crown Copyright reserved. Location of site office (red): on land adjacent to the southern side of the western end of Pilgrim Place. Near the southeastern corner of Colombo Street and Moorhouse Avenue.

Business Access

  • Businesses on Moorhouse Avenue will be open as normal.
  • Access will be maintained.
  • Signage will be available to direct customers to business entrances.

General Information

  • Our standard work hours are Monday to Friday between the hours of 7.00am to 6.00pm. Saturday work and night work may be required at times.
  • There will be increased noise, dust and vibration while we do this work.
  • Safety is our number one priority. Safety is your responsibility too. Stay clear and stay alert—keep children and pets at a safe distance from the work site.

Go the extra mile for businesses affected by rebuild roadworks.

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Start date: 
Mon, 09/02/2015
End date: 
Fri, 21/10/2016
Project numbers: 
Downer [5]