Twisted girders from 9/11 World Trade Center back in place near Fire Station

The Twin Towers Firefighters Memorial sculpture, designed by local sculptor Graham Bennett back in 2002, near the city’s Fire Station, went back into position today. SCIRT's Fletcher crew had an early 5.30 am start. If you drive along Kilmore  or Madras St and were held up by the crane on site, apologies.
All went according to plan says the site engineer, and the two bridges which butt into the corner are now repaired as well. Kilmore St is looking pretty good currently as a result and it is great to see the buildings going up also.
SCIRT’s Fletcher team had to take the sculpture memorial away last year in September while they were repairing the two bridges which intersect at that point. (See earlier story [1] and maps [2].) 
Published: 03 February 2015