New Zealand's biggest vacuum wastewater system almost complete in Aranui

What’s going on underground in Aranui?

SCIRT have been in the streets of Aranui on local’s doorsteps since late 2013 fixing earthquake damaged underground pipes. Plenty of progress has been made with the installation of the new vacuum wastewater system which is due to be completed in August this year.

SCIRT’s City Care and Fletcher teams have been installing the new, more resilient, vacuum wastewater technology over the past two years to ensure that waste continues to flow the right way if Christchurch experiences further earthquakes.

SCIRT crews have now connected more than 2000 households in Aranui to the new vacuum system.

What is the new Vacuum wastewater system?

Instead of relying on gravity to transport sewage and wastewater from residents laundry, sinks and toilets, this new system uses vacuum suction to move it on the first leg of its journey to the Bromley treatment station, more than two kilometres away.

The first leg uses six arms of underground vacuum pipes from 2700 Aranui households that flow into the Vacuum Station on Pages Road

This new system is more resilient to movement because of the flexibility of the new pipes and is quicker and easier to access and maintain because the pipes are shallower and less vulnerable to liquefaction.

How much progress has been made?

The commissioning of Arm 1, 2, 3 and 4 is already complete. Arm 5 and 6 are now 35% complete.

Commissioning of the new system has begun and now more than three-quarters of households in the neighbourhood have been connected. 

Published: 29 July 2016