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About Shaking Up Christchurch Education

The Christchurch earthquakes have devastated a whole range of infrastructures regarded as vital components for a community to survive successfully. One of the key components of this infrastructure is our education system and, following the earthquakes, this has been seriously compromised. At the same time there are now new possibilities and opportunities.

In response to this a group of independent consultants, educators and business people have started networking to discuss a compelling vision for education in Christchurch. At the moment we have called ourselves the Shaking Up Christchurch Education Network.

The purpose of the network

As a group of independent educational leaders:

  • To seek and present solutions for the delivery of education in a manner recognising the needs of future learners, initially in the eastern Christchurch suburbs, and eventually in all Christchurch area schools.
  • To present realistic solutions that will improve educational outcomes for all children.

In achieving this purpose we consider the following factors to be key in influencing the establishment of schools and the ways they function: physical resources, teaching/teacher resources, technology advancement, school/campus design, leadership/governance, connecting with community, and fiscal capability.

There is a need to take action not just talk. Action is needed sooner rather than later.

Who are we?

The initial group that met:

Lois Christmas, Maureen Doherty, Cheryl Doig, David Duffy, Donna Frame, Gillian Heald, Ali Hughes, Carol Moffatt, Denis Pyatt, Chris Reece and Derek Wenmoth. Since then, some are focused more on supporting the current needs of education, while others are working to develop a longer term coherency to education in Christchurch. We see education as a key driver for the creation of a vibrant city which is economically strong, cares for its people and leads for the future.

We are not an exclusive group. We started because we saw a need and an opportunity to network beyond the group, to start the conversation and to develop an action plan. There are many others that are part of the network -you being one of them! This is about growing some ideas that are so compelling we create a new reality. Between us we have a deep knowledge of education, a passion for the city and a belief that leadership in education is crucial. We have started the conversation.


What is our plan?

Since this first meeting we have met with a number of key stakeholders, run an initial blue skies session and have developed a Concept Plan for discussion.