This is close to parts of the very seriously damaged areas of Christchurch. Kingsford St Queensbury St shocking with substantial structural damage to homes, many of them on leans now. There is a lot of liquefaction in this area. Power was out for days, water out for ages, portaloos are still around in the streets.

Liquefaction was very bad here with in some places the silt coming up over 30cm on peoples houses. Massive cracks appeared along some roads, with some of them big enough to walk in.

The Burwood birthing hospital was closed for a few weeks and suffered substantial structual damage.

After February 22nd more houses were damaged and liquefaction was everywhere. There is a question mark over the ability to repair the land here.

After June 13th this suburb is in bad shape. Liquefaction has made a big mess here. 


Below are a list of works notices that are specific to Burwood, you can full a full list of Road and Work notices for Christchurch here.

Vivian Street - Burwood - Watermain replacement

Starts 26 Jul 2012, Ends
Added Tuesday, 14 August 2012 9:45 p.m. Complete

Vivian Street – Burwood – Fresh water main replacement

Starts 14 May 2012, Ends 29 Jun 2012
Added Tuesday, 14 August 2012 9:34 p.m. Pending Completion

Flemington Ave and Ascot Ave - Burwood - water main replacement

Starts 27 Jun 2011, Ends
Added Tuesday, 14 August 2012 9:18 p.m. Complete

Kirner Street - Burwood - Sewer repairs

Starts 25 Jul 2011, Ends
Added Tuesday, 14 August 2012 9:18 p.m. Complete

Allstone Place - Burwood - Water works

Starts 23 Sep 2011, Ends 25 Nov 2011
Added Tuesday, 14 August 2012 9:16 p.m. Complete

Chartwell Street - Burwood - Water main replacement

Starts 15 Aug 2011, Ends
Added Tuesday, 14 August 2012 9:16 p.m. Complete

Bassett Street - Burwood - Waterworks

Starts 15 Sep 2011, Ends
Added Tuesday, 14 August 2012 9:16 p.m. Complete

Tasman Place - Burwood - Wastewater

Starts 16 Jan 2012, Ends 31 Jan 2012
Added Tuesday, 14 August 2012 9:15 p.m. Pending Completion

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Below is information regarding the Fletcher/EQR Hub for Burwood.

Hub Name North New Brighton (QEII) Hub
Address 245 Bower Avenue, North New Brighton
Phone Number 03 341 9979
Email Address clo.northnewbrighton@eqr.co.nz
Notes Servicing: Aranui, Avondale, Bexley, Burwood, Dallington, New Brighton, North New Brighton, Parklands, South New Brighton, Southshore, Wainoni, Waimari.

Submit your own vision for Burwood

Dee says
For mostlyRecreation
When?Now 0-3 years
Extend Burwood Park to connect with Fairbairn's beautiful park on both sides of NB Rd. Perfect for cricket, tennis, etc, already at B. Park but extended facilities, concerts by Avon in Locksley Ave
Gina says
For mostlyHealth
When?Now 0-3 years
A 'QEII like' facility back near QEII. A pool (therapeutic maybe?) and indoor paddling pool in New Brighton.

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