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Below are a list of works notices that are specific to Harewood, you can full a full list of Road and Work notices for Christchurch here.

CCTV Investigation Day works - Wairakei Road- *Update

Starts 13 Aug 2012, Ends 17 Aug 2012
Added Wednesday, 15 August 2012 3:34 p.m. Pending Completion

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Below is information regarding the Fletcher/EQR Hub for Harewood.

Hub Name Burnside Hub
Address 336 Avonhead Rd
Phone Number 03 341 0137
Email Address clo.burnside.eqr.co.nz
Notes Next to Burnside Bowling Club

Servicing: Avonhead, Bishopdale, Burnside, Harewood, McLeans Island, Russley, Yaldhurst.

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