Video Projects

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Eyes East

Eyes East is a collaboration of three parties – Eastern Vision, CTV and Rebuild Christchurch to inform, educate and engage communities about ideas for the recovery of the east Christchurch flat land suburbs.


The 12-episode television series will feature everything from repair methods and cash settlements process to advisory and social support services that are available to help residents in their decision- making process.

Christchurch: From the streets

From the back of an aging Mercedes, presenters Rachel Morton and Lindon Puffin criss-cross the streets of Christchurch. They pick up a tour guide and along the way meet the dreamers, innovators and engineers who are creating the new city. In Christchurch: From The Streets, there are six key themes: Welcome to Christchurch, Affordable Housing, the Arts, Children and Young People, the City Centre and, the Future.