The 12-episode television series will feature everything from repair methods and cash settlements process to advisory and social support services that are available to help residents in their decision- making process.

Episode 12

Covered. Episode 12 Segment 1

Insurance Policy Entitlement

05 Mar 2015

Lawyer Duncan Webb, Canterbury Insurance Assistance Service (CIAS) advocate Dean Lester and John Goddard of community Law discuss policy entitlement, what it means and how customers can work with their insurer to get a resolution to their claim.

Covered. Episode 12 Segment 2

Customer Rebuild Experience

05 Mar 2015

Allyn & Josie talk about their experiences throughout the rebuild of their home managed by Southern Response, Arrow International and Jennian Homes.

Covered. Episode 12 Segment 3

Covered Series Wrap Up

05 Mar 2015

Marcus Irvine of Cancern and Deon Swiggs of Rebuild Christchurch sum up the Covered series by discussing the main topics highlighted and the next steps where to go from here.

Episode 11

Covered. Episode 11 Segment 1

Working with Builders

25 Feb 2015

What happens if wish to manage your own rebuild or repair? Director of JD Home Jesse Dewys explains how to select and work effectively with your builder and how the builder’s warranties and guarantees works.

Covered. Episode 11 Segment 2

Retaining Walls

25 Feb 2015

What is a retaining wall and why are there complications involved in settling these claims? Casey Hurren of Southern Response and lawyer John Goddard of Community Law talk about the complexities and potential solutions.

Covered. Episode 11 Segment 3

Cash Settlements & As Is, Where Is Properties

25 Feb 2015

What interest does your bank have if you’re cash settling your insurance claim? How will a bank view an As Is, Where Is property? Mark Rackley-Gale of BNZ explains how the bank is involved and how the BNZ can work with you to help you understand your options and potential solutions.

Episode 10

Covered. Episode 10 Segment 1

Increased Flooding Declaratory Judgment

19 Feb 2015

Lawyer Duncan Webb talks about the 2014 High Court declaratory judgment on EQC’s proposed model for compensating customers with increased flooding vulnerability.

Covered. Episode 10 Segment 2

What Does “As New” Mean?

19 Feb 2015

Lawyer Duncan Webb and Canterbury Insurance Assistance Service (CIAS) advocate Dean Lester talk about what “as new” means and how customers can work with their insurer to get a resolution to their claim.

Covered. Episode 10 Segment 3

Private Insurer Settlement Progress

19 Feb 2015

Insurance Council Operations Manager Terry Jordan talks about private insurer Canterbury earthquake settlement progress and explains why over 80 percent of Commercial and Out of Scope claims are settled and 57% of Over Cap claims.

Episode 9

Covered. Episode 9 Segment 1

Cash Settlements - IAG & Community Law

13 Feb 2015

IAG General Manager of Customer Solutions Renee Walker and Community Law Canterbury solicitor John Goddard discuss the process of insurance cash settlements - what customers should consider, other parties that may have an interest and cash settling multi-unit buildings.

Covered. Episode 9 Segment 2

Rural Community Claims

13 Feb 2015

Rural insurance specialists FMG explain the unique issues involved in dealing with rural community claims and how they have worked with rural customers to settle their Canterbury earthquake insurance claims.

Covered. Episode 9 Segment 3

Rebuild Christchurch

13 Feb 2015

Rebuild Christchurch founder Deon Swiggs explains what Rebuild Christchurch is, the role it plays in the recovery and why they got involved as a partner with CTV in the ‘Covered’ television series.

Episode 8

Covered. Episode 8 Segment 1

Christchurch City Council Build Consenting

04 Feb 2015

Christchurch City Council Director of Building Control and City Rebuild Peter Sparrow talks about the building consenting process, what people managing their own repairs and rebuilds should know and areas that can be exempted.

Covered. Episode 8 Segment 2

MBIE Building Technical Guides

04 Feb 2015

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) Senior Engineering Advisor William Whewell talks about the role of MBIE and how their technical building guides should be used.

Covered. Episode 8 Segment 3

Insurance Advocate Tips

04 Feb 2015

Insurance Advocate and Chair of the Minister of Canterbury Earthquake Recovery’s Community Forum Darren Wright provides his top tips for customers still settling their earthquake insurance claims.

Episode 7

Covered. Episode 7 Segment 1

Vero Multin Unit Buildings

27 Jan 2015

Vero – Multi-Unit Buildings Insurance company Vero talks about the complexities involved in building multi-units, their pragmatic commercial solutions-based approach and how the insurance industry is working together to achieve efficiencies.

Covered. Episode 7 Segment 2

Southern Response Customer Support

27 Jan 2015

Southern Response Customer Support Southern Response Customer Support Manager John McSweeney discusses how his team provides extra support to customers who require specialist assistance or detailed information to help them with their claim.

Covered. Episode 7 Segment 3

Role of Media in Recovery

27 Jan 2015

Role of Media in Social Recovery What is the role and responsibility of the media in a post-disaster recovery situation? Australian clinical psychologist Dr Rob Gordon, a specialist in social recovery processes, gives his view and we hear reactions from local media representatives.

Episode 6

Covered. Episode 6 Segment 1

EQC Answers Viewer Questions

09 Dec 2014

Why can’t insurance companies handle all claims and EQC reimburse them? Is it too late to make an earthquake claim? Is an excess payable on a land claim, as well as excess on a house claim, for the same event? The Earthquake Commission’s Reid Stiven, GM of the Canterbury Home Repair Programme (CHRP), and Gail Kettle, GM Customer and Claims answer viewer questions.

Covered. Episode 6 Segment 2

ACS Claims Progress

09 Dec 2014

When Ansvar Insurance ceased trading, ACS Claims Services took over the settlement of their Canterbury earthquake claims. ACS Claims Services Manager John Kenny explains how they’ve settled 94% of their customer’s claims and the lessons learned. CTV also talks to three elderly customers, Rangi Ruru Girls’ School and Knox Church about dealing with ACS Claims Services.

Covered. Episode 6 Segment 3

Day in the Life of a Contractor

09 Dec 2014

The Earthquake Commission’s Canterbury Home Repair Programme (CHRP) has repaired 62,000 homes with less than 8000 left to complete. Covered takes a look at a day in the life of a contractor involved in the CHRP programme.

Episode 5

Covered. Episode 5 Segment 1

Southern Response Progress

02 Dec 2014

Southern Response Earthquake Strategy Manager Casey Hurren explains progress on settling their remaining 3,500 insurance claims, the complications with multi-unit buildings and the importance of communications in the settlement process.

Covered. Episode 5 Segment 2

Earthquake Land Damage

02 Dec 2014

Keith Land, the Earthquake Commission’s Head of Canterbury Land, talks to Covered about Increased Liquefaction Vulnerability (ILV) and Increased Flooding Vulnerability (IFV) and New Zealand’s unique position of providing insurance cover for land damage.

Covered. Episode 5 Segment 3

Repair Methodologies - Foundation Repairs

02 Dec 2014

CanCERN’s Marcus Irvine talks foundation repairs with Cook Costello geotechnical engineer Jordan Walker, specifically Type A, B and C foundations, jack and pack and how engineers work out the best way of putting floor levels back to a useable state.

Episode 4

Covered. Episode 4 Segment 1

Multi-Unit Building Repairs

25 Nov 2014

Most of the 21,000 multi-unit building claims with EQC have been settled but some complex ones still remain. EQC National Operations Manager Barry Searle explains some of the complexities and the lessons learned.

Covered. Episode 4 Segment 2

Complex Shared Properties

25 Nov 2014

How are EQC and insurers working together to settle complex shared property claims and uninsured customers? The Insurance Council’s Operations Manager Terry Jordan and EQC’s National Operations Manager Barry Searle explain.

Covered. Episode 4 Segment 3

Southern Response Underfloor Rover

25 Nov 2014

How do professionals check foundations when they can’t get under a house or it’s a potential health and safety issue? Eric Bird & Greg Chaney of Arrow International, PMO for Southern Response, demonstrate their innovative ‘eyes under the floor’.

Episode 3

Covered. Episode 3 Segment 1

IAG Claims Process

18 Nov 2014

IAG Executive General Manager for Canterbury Recovery Dean MacGregor talks about the IAG claims settlement process, why it can take over 60 weeks for a rebuild or major repair, how insurers work with EQC and dealing with complicated shared property and multi-unit building claims.

Covered. Episode 3 Segment 2

What is Earthquake Damage

18 Nov 2014

Reid Stiven, General Manager of the EQC Canterbury Home Repair Programme, talks about the Earthquake Commission Act and then structural engineer Tim Day looks at how to assess for earthquake damage and pre-existing damage.

Covered. Episode 3 Segment 3

Repair Methodology - House Lifting

18 Nov 2014

CanCERN’s Marcus Irvine talks to geotechnical engineer Jordan Walker about house lifting to repair or replace foundations, what’s involved, when is ground improvement work needed and whether a house can withstand the rigours of being lifted.

Episode 2

Covered. Episode 2 Segment 1

EQC Canterbury Home Repair Programme

11 Nov 2014

Reid Stiven, General Manager of the EQC Canterbury Home Repair Programme, talks about the EQC repair programme and the role of the Community Contact Team.

Covered. Episode 2 Segment 2

Free and independent advocacy and advisory services available

11 Nov 2014

What are the free and independent advocacy and advisory services available to help out with insurance claims? CTV-Rebuild Christchurch talks to the Residential Advisory Service, Community Law, CanCERN’s Breakthrough programme and the Canterbury Insurance Assistance Service.

Covered. Episode 2 Segment 3

Earthquake Support Coordination Service

11 Nov 2014

Are you having problems with temporary accommodation? Do you need support throughout the insurance settlement process? CTV-Rebuild Christchurch talks to the Earthquake Support Coordination Service and the Canterbury Earthquake Temporary Accommodation Service.

Episode 1

Covered. Episode 1 Segment 1

Covered Introduction by EQC and ICNZ CEO's

04 Nov 2014

Earthquake Commission CEO Ian Simpson and Insurance Council CEO Tim Grafton talk candidly about the lessons learned since the September 2010 Canterbury earthquake.

Covered. Episode 1 Segment 2

Covered Introduction by EQC and ICNZ CEO's

04 Nov 2014

Earthquake Commission Chief Executive Ian Simpson and Insurance Council Tim Grafton look ahead at the claims still to be settled and the challenges that remain.

Covered. Episode 1 Segment 3

Repair Methodology - re-levelling foundations

04 Nov 2014

IAG Executive General Manager Dean MacGregor with IAG and Hawkins staff discuss foundation repairs, how IAG operates and what’s involved in re-levelling foundations.