Eyes East is a collaboration of three parties – Eastern Vision, CTV and Rebuild Christchurch to inform, educate and engage communities about ideas for the recovery of the east Christchurch flat land suburbs.

Episode 7

Eyes East Episode 7 Part 1

An integrated Plan for East Christchurch

05 Nov 2015

Assoc Prof Mick Abbott, architect Jason Mill, geotech engineer Don Bruggers and Eastern Vision's Evan Smith discuss the integrated plan to put all community ideas together.

Eyes East Episode 7 Part 2

Challenges, Entities and Processes for Regeneration

05 Nov 2015

Here Chrissie Williams and Rev Peter Beck discuss the many challenges and Paul Silk of Development Christchurch Limited discusses the transition from CERA to other entities with key roles in the regeneration of Christchurch

Eyes East Episode 7 Part 3

Opportunities for the Future Regeneration

05 Nov 2015

We finish the series by interviewing Mayor Lianne Dalziel and Rev Peter Beck about their views on the amazing opportunities that could characterise the future of the east.

Episode 6

Eyes East Episode 6 Part 1

Focus on Multi Purpose River Park

29 Oct 2015

AvON Co-Chair, Mark Gibson, introduces proposals that provide a layer of red zone river park features, to meet a diverse range of community needs.

Eyes East Episode 6 Part 2

Focus on Pathways and Hubs

29 Oct 2015

Here we look at proposals for an eastern cycle and walkway network running throughout the east, the AWA Trails project, the Phillipstown hub and Places of Tranquility.

Eyes East Episode 6 Part 3

Focus on Schools

29 Oct 2015

We speak with four key figures in the transformation of the school network in the east Christchurch and look at the challenges and the opportunities this brings.

Episode 5

Eyes East Episode 5 Part 1

Making the most of the natural environment

22 Oct 2015

We talk to Chrissie Williams about the Natural Environment Recovery Program and talk to members of the community about the Mahinga Kai Exemplar project which is now well underway.

Eyes East Episode 5 Part 2

Focus on the Blue & Green Infrastructure

22 Oct 2015

Professor Bryan Jenkins discusses proposals for restoring the blue infrastructure - the waterways - and Ashley Campbell and Professor Glenn Stewart outline their plans for restoring the green infrastructure by greening the red zone as a city to sea forest park.

Eyes East Episode 5 Part 3

Focus on environmental added value

22 Oct 2015

Dr Colin Meurk then tells us about his idea for an Eco-Sanctuary while Sir Tim Smit and Professor Mick Abbott talk about the proposal for their Eden New Zealand project in the Avonside red zone.

Episode 4

Eyes East Episode 4 Part 1

Aquatic Playground - Focus on Flatwater Sports Lake

15 Oct 2015

Members of the East Lake Community Trust discuss their idea for an international length, off-river, flatwater sports lake in the Avon River red zone.

Eyes East Episode 4 Part 2

Aquatic Playground - Focus on White Water & Surf Park

15 Oct 2015

Ian Fox, a white water enthusiast explores a proposal for a white water course in the heart of east Christchurch and Paul Zannen discusses how a surf park in New Brighton could add value to the east.

Eyes East Episode 4 Part 3

Aquatic Playground - Focus on Yachting and Eastern Sport

15 Oct 2015

Members of the Pleasant Point Yacht Club outline how they are well on the way to replacing their old earthquake destroyed building with a new club in South Brighton and we talk to community advocates about the replacement facility for QE2.

Episode 3

Eyes East Episode 3 Part 1

Focus on New Brighton Business District

08 Oct 2015

Paul Zannen focuses on the commercial heart of New Brighton, an area that has certainly seen its ups and downs before and after the earthquakes; and the opportunities looking forward.

Eyes East Episode 3 Part 2

Focus on the Coastal Lifestyle

08 Oct 2015

Jason and Denise Mill discuss the lifestyle that coastal Brighton provides as a place to live, work and play and how the unique lifestyle could be the answer to Brighton’s future prosperity.

Eyes East Episode 3 Part 3

Focus on Greater Brighton and beyond

08 Oct 2015

Tim Sintes and Sylvia Smyth explore the assets and facilities of the wider New Brighton area and some of the developments planned for the future.

Episode 2

Eyes East Episode 2 Part 1

Keeping safe from natural hazards

01 Oct 2015

Dr Deidre Hart and Dr Chris Gomez, Natural Hazards scientists at the University of Canterbury explain to us about what natural hazards we need to consider in east Christchurch and Dr Deidre Hart, Architect Jason Mill and Helen Beaumont from Christchurch City Council explain what we can do to keep communities safe from these hazards.

Eyes East Episode 2 Part 2

Building back clean green and sustainably

01 Oct 2015

Building back clean green and sustainably. We start by taking a look at retro fitting existing homes then talk to Christchurch architect Bob Burnett about New Zealand’s first 10-star energy-rated home that he is currently building

Eyes East Episode 2 Part 3

Creating sustainable neighbourhoods

01 Oct 2015

Landscape Architect Di Lucas explains how she has fitted out her property to minimise stormwater run-off, Tony Moore CCC Sustainability Advisor talks about how to make sustainable neighbourhoods and Greg Martin General Manager NZ of ENGEO discusses one way of making neighbourhood facilities more sustainable, greener and cheaper to run.

Episode 1

Eyes East Episode 1 Part 1

Impacts of the earthquakes

24 Sep 2015

Exploring the impact of the earthquakes on the flatland suburbs of east Christchurch and the impacts on households and communities of the decision to red zone large tracts of land in the east.

Eyes East Episode 1 Part 2

Intentions for residential red zones

24 Sep 2015

Exploring the realities of living on the edge of the residential red zone and what the future government intentions might be for the area.

Eyes East Episode 1 Part 3

EVO::SPACE consultation

24 Sep 2015

Community-led EVO::SPACE consultation on the recovery of the east in 2014. The outcomes of the exercise in terms of community aspirations and values are outlined