Eyes East Episode 3 Part 3

08 Oct 2015

In this episode we focus on the recovery of coastal New Brighton from Southshore spit through to Northshore and all points in between.The area includes some stunning natural assets: a beautiful beach and dune system, an estuary, a river and wetlands, and of course Bottle Lake Forest connecting through to Spencerville, Brooklands and the Waimakiriri.But more than this the area also features many diverse and strong communities offering a range of lifestyles.

Segment 3:

Tim Sintes and Sylvia Smyth explore the assets and facilities of the wider New Brighton area and some of the developments planned for the future. 

Eyes East is a weekly 7-part television series that explores community values and ideas for the recovery of the flat land suburbs of east Christchurch that were so devastated by the 2010/11 earthquakes and provides an opportunity for viewers to provide feedback. It is a collaboration of Eastern Vision, Rebuild Christchurch and CTV.
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Perspective Piece for Eyes East Episode 3: 

The Recovery of Coastal New Brighton


by Paul Zannen

I am really looking forward to tonight’s episode of Eye’s East, in this episode its time to have a focus on Coastal New Brighton, from the spit to the forest and the estuary to the beach.

New Brighton has certainly had its fair share of “visioning” and planning over the last 20 years, from the multiple commercial orientated Master Plans that have been worked on to the extensive community push for the Pier and Library, and plenty more in between.

What we have seen over the last four and a half years since the Earthquakes has been an extensive amount of “now what” and “where to” for and from our community. Tonight the focus is to delve a little deeper, to look at the work done already and what we expect and desire for our beach side.

Many visions exist, from environmental to community, from commercial to hot pools, it truly is an exciting and inspirational time looking ahead for New Brighton commercially, but also well beyond and above that.  The residents have shown time and again their passion and punch for the area, it is now time to forge ahead, to get cracking and turn dreams to reality for this coastal asset of the city.

During the course of the discussion there is a specific focus to what assets this community and suburb already have, which are many and varied, environmentally and socially. The question is how to find and inform a balance of community aspirations and projects and that of a more commercial nature, to create a place where commerce and community meet, a village heart.

I personally feel that those values are core critical to success for New Brighton:  the ability to build on what exists, to bring community and environmental enhancements along with progressive development.

The ducks are lined up if you will, with strong support coming in now from both the Christchurch City Council and the Government, ideas are abound, the planning has certainly been laid in place, foundations are built but…..what do those dreams look like, how do we get from where we are to where we want to be?

Hopefully tonight’s episode will provide some clarity on what work is being done, who’s involved and highlight the social capital that New Brighton brings to the table in trumps.

It’s imperative for New Brighton to “get it right” this time round, can we become the “Legacy Project” for the greater Christchurch good, it’s time for New Brighton to shine as beacon of hope lighting the east.

Paul Zaanen is the Manager, New Brighton Business and Land Owners Association