Eyes East is a collaboration of three parties – Eastern Vision, CTV and Rebuild Christchurch to inform, educate and engage communities about ideas for the recovery of the east Christchurch flat land suburbs.

Episode 2

Eyes East Episode 2 Part 1

Keeping safe from natural hazards

01 Oct 2015

Dr Deidre Hart and Dr Chris Gomez, Natural Hazards scientists at the University of Canterbury explain to us about what natural hazards we need to consider in east Christchurch and Dr Deidre Hart, Architect Jason Mill and Helen Beaumont from Christchurch City Council explain what we can do to keep communities safe from these hazards.

Eyes East Episode 2 Part 2

Building back clean green and sustainably

01 Oct 2015

Building back clean green and sustainably. We start by taking a look at retro fitting existing homes then talk to Christchurch architect Bob Burnett about New Zealand’s first 10-star energy-rated home that he is currently building

Eyes East Episode 2 Part 3

Creating sustainable neighbourhoods

01 Oct 2015

Landscape Architect Di Lucas explains how she has fitted out her property to minimise stormwater run-off, Tony Moore CCC Sustainability Advisor talks about how to make sustainable neighbourhoods and Greg Martin General Manager NZ of ENGEO discusses one way of making neighbourhood facilities more sustainable, greener and cheaper to run.