Eyes East is a collaboration of three parties – Eastern Vision, CTV and Rebuild Christchurch to inform, educate and engage communities about ideas for the recovery of the east Christchurch flat land suburbs.

Episode 4

Eyes East Episode 4 Part 1

Aquatic Playground - Focus on Flatwater Sports Lake

15 Oct 2015

Members of the East Lake Community Trust discuss their idea for an international length, off-river, flatwater sports lake in the Avon River red zone.

Eyes East Episode 4 Part 2

Aquatic Playground - Focus on White Water & Surf Park

15 Oct 2015

Ian Fox, a white water enthusiast explores a proposal for a white water course in the heart of east Christchurch and Paul Zannen discusses how a surf park in New Brighton could add value to the east.

Eyes East Episode 4 Part 3

Aquatic Playground - Focus on Yachting and Eastern Sport

15 Oct 2015

Members of the Pleasant Point Yacht Club outline how they are well on the way to replacing their old earthquake destroyed building with a new club in South Brighton and we talk to community advocates about the replacement facility for QE2.