Eyes East is a collaboration of three parties – Eastern Vision, CTV and Rebuild Christchurch to inform, educate and engage communities about ideas for the recovery of the east Christchurch flat land suburbs.

Episode 7

Eyes East Episode 7 Part 1

An integrated Plan for East Christchurch

05 Nov 2015

Assoc Prof Mick Abbott, architect Jason Mill, geotech engineer Don Bruggers and Eastern Vision's Evan Smith discuss the integrated plan to put all community ideas together.

Eyes East Episode 7 Part 2

Challenges, Entities and Processes for Regeneration

05 Nov 2015

Here Chrissie Williams and Rev Peter Beck discuss the many challenges and Paul Silk of Development Christchurch Limited discusses the transition from CERA to other entities with key roles in the regeneration of Christchurch

Eyes East Episode 7 Part 3

Opportunities for the Future Regeneration

05 Nov 2015

We finish the series by interviewing Mayor Lianne Dalziel and Rev Peter Beck about their views on the amazing opportunities that could characterise the future of the east.