Obtaining Information from EQC on any issues by RC

Posted 26 Apr 2013 by RC
EQC issues including assessment decisions

What complaints and or review processes are open to me if I am unhappy about EQC assessment decisions?

The EQC and Arbitrators’ and Mediators’ Institute of New Zealand have committed to offering independent, free mediation for customers who are unhappy with EQC valuation decisions. It is hoped that the scheme will commence in August. Click here for more information.

The EQC is subject to the Official Information Act (OIA) and to the Ombudsmen; these two processes are options if you want to:

Find out information about the EQC’s policies and practices. You can ask EQC for information under the OIA and/or the Privacy Act about yourself or about its policies and practices. This includes:
Obtaining reasons for any decision the EQC makes about a particular property. Section 23 of the Official Information Act (OIA) offers a general way of getting information about decisions made by EQC; it provides you with a way to access the reasons for decisions that affect you (click here to see Section 23 of the OIA Act)
By asking for this information you then can then decide whether the decision is based on a correct and complete understanding of the facts. You can also see what information has been relied upon, and the reasons for making the decision. If there is any error or misunderstanding of the situation then you are then in a better position to ask EQC to review its decision.

The information could be used to decide whether to take your issue up with the Office of the Ombudsmen. More information about the functions of the Office of Ombudsmen can be found here

You could also use this information to decide whether to seek judicial review which might include:

Making a complaint to the Ombudsmen about the EQC’s response to either of the above questions
Making a complaint to the Ombudsmen about the EQC’s administrative acts, decisions and recommendations