Never giving up on my community by Maria

Posted 30 Apr 2013 by Maria
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My EQ issues are almost over, bar an EQC claim for carpets and drapes. I settled my total loss home in December 2012, and incredibly sold my badly damaged creekside TC3 section about a month ago. What a journey it has been. In fact it was pure hell. I would wish it on nobody. To loose so much and yet gain so much from the hardship has been an amazing experience. I am most definitely a cup half full person, yet through this my cup was bone dry. The EQ's were far from the worst of it. Policy. I think that sums it up. Policy that many feel has to be stuck to like a rigid stick which "they" wield over you when you are most vulnerable. I don't need to tell you who "they" are. If you live in affected Christchurch, you know. Yet amongst this I found some gems. Most of these were in my community, but I even found one in the insurance industry. He saved me. When I felt all I had worked for had gone, he appeared. There are good people through this, and there are very bad. I want to focus on the good people and help those who can't help themselves. I am stronger now and I won't give up fighting for my community and for justice and helping where I can. This isn't easy but I can't walk away. My conscience won't let me. I want to make a difference. Not so I look good or to further my career. Because I care. Because I believe we must suffer the consequences of our choices, and this earthquake was not a choice so why should we suffer and for so long. I don't want to forget. I want to forgive and move forward along with my community who has suffered for so long. Why should a minority group be neglected so badly they disengage from those who they thought would be there to help them. What is this all about? I know, and I believe many more are learning through watching the hardship. As I move forward I hope to bring others with me, to a better happier place where we can love and care for one another because to me that is what life is about.