Fletchers and who pays for packing and moving out by Jeremy

Posted 08 Jun 2013 by Jeremy
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Another thing to be aware of, when Fletchers are repairing your home. As you know, they are trying to save paying money. If you have a talk with your insurer as to who pays for the contents to be packed and stored, you may find, as I did, that if it is "advisable" to move out, then insurance pays, but if it is "necessary" - as in required by Fletchers - than Fletchers pay for your contents to be packed and stored.

I met an ex-colleague of my partners today. She has a letter from Fletchers - for insurance purposes saying it is "advisable" for them to move out. She has nothing left to spend from her insurance, as it will all be spent on accomodation, so was facing the fact of packing up herself and paying for storage.

However - her house is to be lifted up to have new foundations built - no power, no water - it is NOT advisable, it is NECESSARY for her to move out. Fletchers obviously are using this tactic to avoid paying for removal and storage of contents.