Posted 08 Jun 2013 by Harry
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This is what residents are likely to face within 24 months after their repairs.
If Christchurch residents have signed the PMO approach they will have to face the cost of bringing their building up to code themselves.
Or get this noted on the LIM significantly reducing the value of their property.

People are not made aware of this, this will remove a lot of equity from the Christchurch building stock.

Compliance Refusal after 24 months?
Frequently asked questions

1. Why is the Christchurch City Council sending out letters about building consents and Code
Compliance Certificate?
To support the rebuild we are constantly looking at how we can help our customers, in this case – how to complete the building consent process. We identified the need to advise some customers that the Council has no record of a Code Compliance Certificate for their building works.
We want to work with you to either update the Council’s records or advise you of what action you can take to complete the building consent process.
This is crucial because a Code Compliance Certificate will give documented assurance to you and potential future buyers of your property that you have complied with the Building Code. It also shows that you have completed all the required steps around safety.

2. What will happen if I do not take any action?
The Council will do nothing further, but it will show in our system that Code Compliance Certification was refused.
This will also show on your Land Information (LIM) report. You need to be confident in your own mind that you are comfortable with your decision not to apply for a Code Compliance Certificate. We recommend you consider any legal implications and talk with your insurer.

3. When the Council’s system shows that there is no Code Compliance Certificate what steps
can I take?
We want to work with you. Here are a number of options for you to consider:
1. If you decide not to take any action the Council’s records will continue to show that you did not complete the building consent process, which is a requirement of the Building Code.
2. If you have a Certificate of Compliance scan it and email it to and we will
update our records. Thank you.
3. If you have passed a final inspection in the last six months you can go ahead and make a new application for a Code Compliance Certificate. Go to and then to the forms section.
4. If you have not passed a final inspection in the last six months please book one. Make sure home maintenance is up to date and get the consent related documents by requesting the property file. You can request property files by phoning Council’s Customer Services Team on (03) 941 8999 or visiting any of the Council’s Service Centres. This costs $32.00. You can book inspections online at Once you have
passed the inspection please go ahead and apply for a Code Compliance Certificate. Go to and then to the forms section.
5. If your building work is still under construction please talk to us about the possibility of a time extension.
A time extension can be given for a maximum of six months. Please email and describe your situation.
6. Call 941 8999 and ask to speak to the Duty Building Consent Officer if you have further questions.

4. Why is the six month timeframe so important for a final inspection?
We need to make sure that earthquakes have not affected your consented building work.