fed up and about to give up by Jennas mum

Posted 02 Dec 2013 by Jennas mum
after the 2010 earthquake AMI sent an assessor to my character home in Avonside. he did an inspection, he was pretty thorough and a helpful knowledgeable man, he told me, the house needs to be bulldozed and rebuilt, you need to come to terms with that. Several months on Southern Response sent two kids round, one in high heels as she picked her way through liquefaction and measured rooms. the section was full of liquefaction and toilet paper along with other unmentionables. we had no water no power and no sanitation. we moved out for three months. did the council give us a break on the rates? no, not a cent! we moved back in after cleaning up, we were told we would be fixed. battle after battle with contents insurance, getting quote after quote argument after argument. all I wanted was what I had to start with. 28 years of paying premiums and this is the service you get! now on to the house. after 6 scopes and an over cap payment from EQC, I am now told I have been rescoped and come in under cap. I have gone from a rebuild to an under cap repair. a house lift to a bog and fill. I have a hole in the roof and water marks on the ceiling!! I was told if I got any water damage it was not covered by insurance. Ive had a tarp on my roof for three years!! Now what really rocks my boat is the section, it floods with about two foot of water every time it rains. I get all the water from the neighbourhood on my section. you could float a boat on it as it laps at the foundations. The carpets are constantly damp in winter and my clothes in the wardrobes grow mould. I have asthma and in winter flues and colds one after the other. Ive had enough. I am so sick of sweeping up dust. god only knows what is in the dust dropping from the cracks in the ceilings as the stipple will be asbestos in the plaster! its all a mess and no one gives a rats arse about it, least of all Southern response who now say because I am under cap I have gone to the fletcher managed repairs service. I just want out. Ive done my dash. I'll go someone else and start again. I have run out of fight and that my friends is what they are hoping for. exhausted and battle weary and that you will walk away with a few dollars and be grateful. it wont be in my lifetime that I see my home repaired. its a total joke, and to say that they will have it all fixed and repaired by end of 2014 - 2016? there arnt enough tradesmen in Christchurch to get all that work done! and another thing you need to be aware of, if you delay the repairs and they are ready to settle then you are liable for the increased building or repair costs.! got you every which way to Christmas! its not right.