Insurance Payout by John

Posted 04 Dec 2013 by John
Private Insurance
I am insured with Southern Response and have been battling with them for months and months on my payout.

They have been in dispute about the cost of my rebuild and wanted to cash settle me.

Southern Response offered $398,000 for the rebuild of my property.
This was absolutely low ball and around a third of what my privately paid QS had told me.
The cost of the foundations alone were going to be around $170,000 after ground repairs were complete.

What I did was
*Employed a QS to survey my property.
*Got every bit of information I could get about how they scoped my property.
*Wrote down and recorded everything
*Went to a Lawyer and told him the situation for legal rights and understanding the process to fight in court.

I payed for this by financing off my mortgage.

I then called a meeting with my case manager at SR and tabled everything and said I have sound evidence and I am prepared to fight this legally. I only wanted the costs for my rebuild. Nothing more, do not be silly about this.
They increased their offer to $700,000. I said no and prepared to walk out.

They said wait 5 minutes and left the room took my notes and legal representation documentation.

When I come back they agreed to the $1.1 million that it will cost to rebuild my home. Cash payment.
They wanted me to sign a non disclosure but I refused and refused and will always refuse as this is not commercially sensitive its facts and reality.

This is my story and it could be yours to with these people or any others. Don't let them bully you. Be patient when you need to be. Get paperwork together and be prepared to have to spend some money to get your way. It isn't good that we have to do this but by me spending $4000 I got my full entitlement.

I hope this helps and gives hope.
Thank you Rebuild Christchurch for this platform, I only just found it and it really is good.