House rebuilds by Alan

Posted 05 Feb 2014 by Alan
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I sent this letter to the Mayor and all Councilors, and some other authorities.


I live in a street that had severe liquefaction and there are few houses, if any, that do not require a complete rebuild, or, at the least, lifting and a new foundation. There are many other streets in Christchurch in a similar situation. I use xxxxxx Street as an example. The houses were built in the mid 1960's and are all situated a similar distance from the street footpath. It is a nice street with everyone having unrestricted views down the street while maintaining privacy. It is a nice neat street.

My next door neighbours house has been demolished and excavations are underway for the foundation. I discovered that the new house is to be built considerably closer to the street than the old house even though there is nothing to restrict it being placed in the original position or even further back in the section. There will only be half the distance between the house (smaller house than the original) and the street than previously.

While I am not that pleased, it will not affect me as much as the residents two doors away. Their view down the street will be affected more so. Particularly from their lounge windows. Property values could also be adversely affected. Also keep in mind that the rebuilt house will be over 1m higher than previously for flood management reasons.

I know that there was nothing that required approval by neighbours under existing regulations and the CCC were obliged to approve the plans. However what does concern me is that there does not seem to be any regulations to ensure that streets are rebuilt uniformly as they would be in a new subdivision. No need to tell you what it will look like if every second house is built close to the street and others remain in their original position. That is apart from spoiling views and values etc. for neighbours.

Please look into this matter before the main rebuild period commences. Keep Christchurch streets in the liquefaction areas and elsewhere, neat and uniform. With various Insurance Companies and builders doing the rebuilds there is a danger that with uncoordinated rebuilds our streets will be spoilt.