Poo Tank Alarms by Jason D

Posted 22 Mar 2014 by Jason D
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During the floods the other week a local resident who lives right at the end of Marine Parade and said his alarm went off on the waste tank. He followed the instructions attached to the tank to turn off the alarm and contact the city council. He rang the council later to tell them to send someone out as alarms on tanks at the beginning of Rockinghorse Road had been going for a day and a half, only to be told they had no-one available and could he go and turn the alarms off.

So he put on his gumboots and went into the flooded sections and turned off 3 or 4 of the alarms. There were others going off further down the road but he didn't turn them off. he said it appears that the top of the tanks let in water if the section is flooded above it and the alarm goes off when the level is reached. I imagine if they are filling the would at some point overflow.

So it would seem that the concerns being raised by this group are founded and that the info from certain members of the council is faulty and not researched.
I realise some will say it was 1 in 100 year flood. I say What about the flooding a few months ago in the big downpours, what about 1975 neither of those were 100 years ago. The solution being presented is simply not acceptable for flood prone areas of the city.