As is where is sales by Roger

Posted 27 Jun 2014 by Roger
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I have to share this and try tell people about this situation.

Someone close to me purchased their house 4 years ago for $380,000
The earthquake come through and they opted to be cashed out and got $440,000 from their insurance company.
Recently they decided to sell their house as an as is where is property. They spent $10,000 and touched up some of the issues the house had and put it on the market as an as is where is property. the house sold for $510,000

This to me just doesn't seem right that this can happen. The fact they made $560,000 from the earthquake while so many others are suffering makes my blood turn.

Can you please share this and do something to stop this from happening. Our city will be full of shit houses in the future and these people are laughing to the bank.