Rebuild a stone at a time by Judith

Posted 26 Apr 2015 by Judith
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Came. Home to dinner
A man in a great mood
A big set of arms to hold me
A night of tender passion

Life is good

Below is a roster with my name on it
I have yet to have the 3 .15 am starts ,pouring concrete.
But that time will come
A little insight of what's happening

Life as we know it
Challenging each individual with whatever ability or disability,
Be it learning or physical current or previous injuries they compensate with and move forward to help rebuild a city

The common purpose is very obvious
Selfless and hard yaker, long hours, dusty dry conditions but they're all listening to

Music is written by men and woman telling a story of passion, desire and love , history or tragedy .
It is played over the airwaves and in the most dirty dusty smelly of jobs the contrast of love passion and re building of a city,
Can you begin to understand the Men and woman who are laying down the layer upon layer of new stone to create something for the future

There are
New Zealanders and every other race that is on this earth, Chilean , Phillipino, Dutch Africans, Negro, cook islanders, French, Irish, Aussy and ex prisoners and all with common purpose

Brick upon brick
Block upon block
Drain after drain
Road after road
Kerb after. Kerb
Wall after wall
Roof after roof
House after house

They talk a mixture of languages and accents and use their hands .
Sign with their hands , up , down , round , left , right , forwards , backwards, empty , truck after truck,
Brick or block
windows , doors .
Plaster and paint
All wearing a high vis vest
A smile
Laugh and crack a joke
on occasions voice their grumbles , their hunger , their thirst, their frustrations as they slowly take step after step to create another piece of history

Slowly it's. Growing
Our beloved Chch
Thanks to the music
the airwaves
the songs
The beat goes on ......
Thanks to TheBreeze

Concrete Chick