fighting a losing battle by Jaed

Posted 01 May 2017 by Jaed
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I just received a gag order from EQC that I am expected to sign. I had to check I lived in New Zealand and not North Korea. Not one nail has been hit to repair my home (2 kms from the Greendale fault line). The damage to my home has been a fight - over 80% of my floors are damaged, the repair strategy has been a fight - because things like load bearing beams that are cracked and on the piss just don't exist in their reports. They don't want to use things like building consents, so will only mend 2 piles instead of the actual floor. Our own engineer says it's a rebuild. We aren't allowed to use our own engineer, but we have to pay his costs. We've had letters threatening to bankrupt us if we proceed through the courts. Blatant lies discrediting us are documented in the court files without our lawyers saying they never happened. Watching these 'experts' lying in our courts and it's just been accepted as the truth. 16 scopes and most of the 'experts' came without even a ladder. Shiny shoes clean fingernails. They came to find excuses for the damage - not see the damage. The huge crack in our lounge - a cold pour. The leaks in our roof - the satellite dish was installed wrong. We fixed the leak in our bathroom by removing the damaged skylight and painted over the 6 years worth of mold. Now our patch job been 'repaired' and struck off. I think we need to go on some register for the asbestos ceilings that are cracked and opening more and more above our heads. Another winter with cold draughty doors and windows our of plum.

Nowhere can I find information like 'how much damage does your home have to have before it's a rebuild'. Nowhere can I find on my policy the word repair either. This all would have been done and dusted 6 years ago if they hadn't gone back on the original scope of works to repair my floors, beam and coal range - which then Fletcher's changed to a paint job. We've gone over cap, but aren't allowed to say. It has nothing to do with damage...

So now I have come here to see other peoples stories. Where are they? I look at the gag order again... it's pretty clear. I can't say a single word against EQC or 'their agents'. Looks like most of Christchurch signed this too eh. I can't really blame them - it's gone on too long, is too draining and too expensive to keep going.... but I am not signing it.